Deploy our experience to grow your IP Law Firm Sales

Benefit from our in depth industry experience in sales and marketing for IP law firms and services companies.  We have worked with large legal process outsourcers and law firms to build successful, professional sales operations, including processes, team, training, reporting, CRM, marketing integration and defining USP and positioning in the market.


We are the IP sales experts. We bring you professional, proven sales management tools to increase your growth and improve sales productivity.  Whether it is developing new products, new markets or optimising how you sell your existing portfolio of services, we can help you succeed.


  • Take stock of strengths and opportunities and define goals via our “Quick Audit”

  • Produce a marketing and sales plan based on industry best practices to guide your day to day activities 

  • Know your place in the market and leverage strengths relative to competition 

  • Communicate your value proposition clearly to your target market to increase traction

  • Implement professional sales methodology to increase revenue and close rates

  • Implement professional CRM unique to IP to track pipeline and ensure targets are met

  • Get the contact data on your target market, always kept up to date.


Quick Audit                   ONLY  500USD !

  • Take stock of strengths and opportunities via our “Quick Audit”

  • Audit data situation

  • Define areas for engagement in the next steps

  • Define goals of consulting engagement

  • Recommendations for next steps in the process 


Marketing and sales planning        

  • Engage with key stakeholders

  • Evaluate existing services and growth strategy versus results to date

  • Develop a sales and marketing plan including industry evaluation, positioning in the market, defining USPs and a clear communication plan

  • Increase revenue by implementing a professional sales methodology

  • Gain transparency into sales activities with customised reporting


CRM for law/IP implementation        

  • CRM (  implementation based on defined sales methodology in order to manage your sales pipeline, target new clients and existing client pipeline. Customised for the legal and IP industry. 

  • Includes reports, dashboards, process automation, pipeline management



  • Target list build by country, company type

  • Upload of list into CRM (preparation for upload if non SF CRM)

  • Continuous updates to existing data as info becomes available