99$ Trademark Renewals with no minimum volume

Get the Service and Prices you deserve

Transparent, Flexible, Trusted


  • Specialists with many years of experience in the field of trademark management 

  • We focus on providing boutique service to smaller firms, with pricing advantages usually reserved for large corporations

  • We offer the flexibility to tailor our solution to fit your processes. We change so you don't have to

  • We offer the standards of a large LPO with the prices, services and efficiency of a boutique firm

  • Unlike most renewal service providers we do not apply a markup on official fees. We only charge the correct official fee and calculate with correct currency exchange rates 


What´s included:


  • Data transfer included. No setup fees

  • Data migration back into your trademark management system after completion of the renewal process (compatible with most trademark management systems) 

  • We look after all powers of attorney including localization and legalization where needed  

  • Close cooperation with you to clarify any discrepancies between data filed in-house and the trademark offices’ data 

  • High level of cost transparency.  Fixed price quote includes PTO, agent fees and service fee

  • Substantial cost savings on local law firms’ bills 

  • If desired: cooperation with your existing network of local agents in several or all countries 

  • Customized flexible invoicing; eliminate admin and receive only a handful of invoices annually, usually less than 10

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